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Hi! I’m Arne Hendricks and this is my place where i talk and write about climbing, mountaineering and camping stuff.

As an avid climber and family man i love to be outside and spend the day climbing, camping and having a good time.

On this blog i share all the things i learn about climbing, mountaineering and all-around outdoor things. You will find reviews, guides, tips and tricks here and more. I love working with others who are passionate abut these topics too, so hit me up if you want to contribute!

Keep in mind, i am not a pro climber, and not every post here is about hardcore climbing stuff – i like to do thought experiments etc., and sometimes it will result in me writing an “odd” post, which does not really fall into a categoryAn example is my post about Alex Honnolds movie Free Solo, i was curious how and if he would be able to climb down on such an attempt, did some research and wrote the post. 


Climbing – how to project

Climbing – how to project

Most of the new routes you tackle need training, and if you try hard routes you will almost never climb the first try. Look at the pros when they redpoint climb a route (unsure what redpoint means, read my article), they almost seem the flow through the route. Precise...

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