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Hi! I’m Arne Hendricks and this is my place where i talk and write about climbing stuff. As an avid climber and family man i love to be outside and spend the day climbing, camping and having a good time. On this blog i share all the things i learn about climbing, mountaineering and all-around outdoor things.



How to clean climbing shoes

Climbers, if I’m being completely honest, we don’t have a reputation of being the cleanest, most well-groomed people on the planet. We spend days to weeks living out of a car or a tent, next to a mountain someplace, eating on the cheap to spend all our time doing what...

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Should I climb every day?

When I first started climbing, around 2 years ago (but who’s counting!?), I tried climbing every day, in every way I possibly could, on anything I possibly could. Climbing gyms, bouldering gyms, outdoor routes, — I was just slightly obsessed. Once climbing became a...

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