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Hi! I’m Arne Hendricks and this is my place where i talk and write about climbing stuff. As an avid climber and family man i love to be outside and spend the day climbing, camping and having a good time. On this blog i share all the things i learn about climbing, mountaineering and all-around outdoor things.



How do I find rock climbing near me?

So you just started out rock climbing in the gym and now you are hooked. After you took the first lessons you quickly became more confident. Now you are bored by top roping the beginner routes in your boulder gym. Maybe you already tried intermediate routes or even...

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How can i build a top rope anchor ?

I started climbing indoors two years ago, and when I transitioned to outdoors I felt unsure at first. This changed after I learned how to build basic anchors and was able to go top roping on my own with my buddy.I will tell you how to build a simple and tough top rope...

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