La Sportiva Testarossa 2019 / 2020: A Quick and complete Review

La Sportiva Testarossa 2021 / 2022: A Quick and complete Review

La Sportiva brings some proven features and some new features on the Testarossa: Modified heel, synthetic fiber instead of leather, and proven quality. La Sportiva has refreshed this well-known classic for 2019 / 2020: The La Sportiva Testarossa was launched a good 15 years ago and was revolutionary with its extremely curved shape. By the way, did you know that Tommy Caldwell wore La Sportiva shoes when climbing the Dawnwall? New in the Testarossa 2019 is above all the heel, which is supposed to offer better hooking characteristics. Most testers find it fits very well; the tension on the heel rubber is not exaggerated. But the red rubber seems to have a little less friction than the rest of the sole. Otherwise, the Testarossa is still very sensitive, brings the pressure cleanly to the tip, and climbs from vertical to extremely steep just great.

This is what we like about the new La Sportiva Testarossa:

  • Surprisingly comfortable in shape, easily adjustable to the shape of the foot via lacing in the front a lot of feeling and precise start
  • pulls very well in the overhang

This is what we don’t like about the new La Sportiva Testarossa:

  • Lacing a bit fiddly
  • Friction is not optimal due to the extreme shape

Climbing Shoe La Sportiva Testarossa – Technical data

La Sportiva Testarossa technical data

  • Construction: Slipper, asymmetrical, with downturn
  • Upper material: microfibre, without lining
  • Sole: Zenith Ultra, 4 – 4.5 mm
  • Sizes: UK 4 – 12
  • Price: 110-120$

Our rating: 4.5/5 – Mission accomplished La Sportiva!

La Sportiva did a great job conserving the good features of this timeless shoe and improving weaknesses.

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